Granville Island, Vancouver BC | January 19th, 2012

I was up in Vancouver, BC over the holidays and this caught my eye in the window on display at Black Stone Press on Granville Island, it made me grin!

If you have never been to Granville Island it is a trip worth its weight in luggage (I’d say gold, but that’s expected right?).  Granville Island is home to Emily Carr University of Art and Design.  Inspiration oozes out of every nook and unexpected cranny, no matter which way you want to wander.  I enjoyed the little quotes peppered on old buildings off the main walkways and old decrepit walls.  Art, in its many forms, is the life of Granville Island–well that and the Granville Island Brewing, Canada’s first microbrewery.  I didn’t get to hang out there, but it gives me a reason to head back soon.  Nestled safely in the English Bay, are studios, vibrantly colored buildings down industrial paths, houseboats, cafes, theater and performing arts… I don’t know where to stop.  Every creative thing you can think of you will find at Granville Island.   If you live in the Pacific Northwest, or are planning a springtime getaway to Vancouver you have got to put this little whimsical place on your itinerary.  The only other unexpected detail is realizing how much time you should have allocated to your trip there.

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